Hanging pictures, artwork, mirrors, and other decor items at home might seem like a simple task. But if you’ve tried it, you know what can go wrong. Who could forget the crack in the wall, the painting that refuses to hang straight, or the heavy mirror that fell and shattered? How about the photos you wanted in a straight row that ended up uneven?

The challenges may be even bigger if you’re responsible for the decor in your office. You may need to hang dozens or hundreds of items. They’ve got to look good and stay level, even after your cleaning crew leaves the office each night.

Don’t trust your home or office to just anyone with a hammer. Turn to Absolutely Picture Perfect, led by Glenn Christensen.

Glenn is a professional art handler with more than 20 years of experience in this field. His clients range from single condo-owners to major corporations. Many have been clients for years, trusting his technical expertise and vision to help them make their spaces look their best.

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